Sajnos csak HOAX volt a FED megdöntésére vonatkozó hír

Sajnos be kell ismernünk, hogy az előző hír tényleg túl szép volt, hogy igaz legyen. A Conscious Media Network  által közzétett és a lentebb található hírről David Wilcock kiderítette, hogy HOAX, szóval hamis hír volt, amit elterjesztettek Fulfordra hivatkozva. 

Itt olvashatjátok a David Wilcock által írt levelet!

"David Wilcock Important Update, 1-1-12…”Story on Conscious Media Network…is a Hoax” 
by kauilapele

Thanks to Erika for alerting me to this update from David.
In the first post of this year (Seed of Hope for Humanity… “A New Global Economy”), that promising message was one whose information I could not validate. According to David Wilcock, in an addendum to his latest blog post, he states that what was referred to in that article (namely, "someone claiming to represent an alliance of 130 countries that will be launching a new financial system") was a hoax. Here is what David wrote (as always, one's own Higher Discernment surely will be helpful here).
We are putting the finishing touches on Part III. This is a VERY significant and comprehensive article for reasons I am not at liberty to disclose, but should be apparent within a reasonable amount of time.
So yes... I am fine and have been working straight through the holidays, though at a more relaxed speed than during other times of the year.
The moderators informed me we are getting inundated with comments from people linking to a story on Conscious Media Network about someone claiming to represent an alliance of 130 countries that will be launching a new financial system.
THIS IS A HOAX. I am now in direct contact with the top people organizing the 122-nation alliance we have been speaking of, as a consequence of getting deeply involved in investigating and writing about the lawsuit -- and they told me this story is not true.

It is possible that we are just dealing with someone looking for publicity. It is also possible that this is intended to distract people from the real issue and do it in a way that can be discredited, so people do not believe the real story.

Anyway, my goal is to have the new article up ASAP. Stay tuned!
The above comments have attracted attention, as we are still being inundated with people linking to this interview as if it were true.
Since I am in direct contact with the organizers of the Monaco Accords -- the 122-nation alliance -- let me say this:
The "old guard" were not even INVITED to these meetings -- and if any of them showed up, they were turned away. Fulford documented all of this at the time.
The number of nations that was chosen -- namely 130 -- is too close to the Monaco Accords figure to be accidental.
That being said, Kerry Cassidy vouched for the legitimacy of the man giving the information. That would imply that whomever told him this is lying to him.
It is also interesting, and may be significant, that less than 24 hours before this story broke on the Internet, one of the chief organizers of the "real" Monaco Accords was hit by a car and narrowly escaped with his life.
He is very lucky to have had fairly minor injuries, and will be fine. Nonetheless he is in a lot of pain and is mostly staying in bed.
To me, all of this is only further proof that the negative elite are on their last legs and are making desperate moves to stave off their inevitable defeat.

kauilapele | January 1, 2012 at 20:44"

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